We are delighted to launch the inaugural Hawke’s Bay Tourism Winter Workshop Webinar Series. The series is designed to share our specialist knowledge with members.

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Working with your RTO – Presented by Hamish Saxton, HBT CEO
17 June  |  2:00pm
Learn about what we do, who we are, what you can expect from us and how we can work together.

Environmental Sustainability  – Presented by Lynn Robinson, TIA
War Memorial Napier Conference Centre
25 June  |  9:00am – 12:00pm
Whether you’re interested in sustainability but don’t know where to start, or already on the sustainability journey but would like to do more – this workshop is for you! We will cover the basics of sustainability and why it’s important, provide an update on the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment and its four pillars of Environmental, Host Community, Visitor and Economic Sustainability, then go through a practical, interactive workshop to develop a plan for your individual business, including specific priority actions for you to work on in 2020.

Informing your business plan with tourism datasets  – Presented by Ben Hutton, HBT Marketing Manager
30 June  |  10:00am
Understanding the tourism datasets provides valuable insight for your business plans. This session will look at which datasets are useful and how to interpret them.

What I learned when I set up a small tourism business – Presented by Hamish Saxton, HBT CEO
6 July  |  2:00pm
Hamish shares his insights and learnings from setting up his own walking tour business in Toronto.

Travel Distribution Network – Presented by Heather Matthews, HBT Trade Sales & Marketing Manager
16 July  |  4:00pm
Gain a strong basic understanding of the global travel distribution network. Understand the different channels, the associated costs, the relevance of a diversified distribution strategy, and how to place your product within them.

The Basics of preparing a tourism marketing plan – Presented by Ben Hutton, HBT Marketing Manager
22 July  |  12:00pm
Join us to learn what to include in your own tourism marketing plan.

Working with media…and making it work for you – Presented by Jessica Wiggins, HBT Media & Public Relation Manager
28 July  |  10:00am
Discover the basics of how to work with media. This session will cover what makes a great story, how to write a press release, who to pitch to and the importance of good imagery.

Making the most of your weblisting on hawkesbaynz.com – Presented by Megan Best, HBT Consumer Marketing & Hilary Nyberg, Events & Membership Coordinator
11 August  |  10:00am
Putting your best foot forward with your website listing, this session will walk through how to showcase your business on hawkesbaynz.com.

Working with Travel Trade – Presented by Heather Matthews, HBT Trade Sales & Marketing Manager
20 August  |  4:00pm
Join us to learn about the benefits and costs associated with working within the Trade market, and the key considerations for your product when pursuing this channel.

Understanding the Heath and Safety Act 2015 – Presented by Angie Williams, Director of OSHbox Health & Safety
24 August  |  12:00pm
Angie started OSHbox Health and Safety 7 years ago with the focus to help small to medium businesses understand the legislation and their responsibilities, and implement simply and affordable Health and Safety systems. Since then, Angie has travelled the country running seminars based around their proven ‘High Five’ system. During this seminar, Angie will touch on the different levels of responsibility under the Act and easy ways to ensure you and your clients are complying.

Public Relations 101 – how to respond in a crisis – Presented by Jessica Wiggins, HBT Media & Public Relation Manager
1 September  |  10:00am
At times of crisis, communications and public relations are a critical element in how well your business will come out the otherside. Discover the basics of crisis communication management with this session.

Update on Strategy – Upcoming Activations – Presented by Hamish Saxton, HBT CEO
7 September  |  2:00pm
An industry update of our recovery strategy and future plan.

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