A brief history…

Hawke’s Bay Tourism Limited was established officially in July 2011 as the official Regional Tourism Organisation for Hawke’s Bay.

Prior to this all tourism functions came under Venture Hawke’s Bay, an arm of the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council. It worked alongside the Hawke’s Bay Wine Country Tourism Association (HBWCTIA) which was a membership organisation made up of the majority of tourism businesses in Hawke’s Bay.

In late 2010, a decision was made to merge the tourism team within Venture Hawke’s Bay and the team at HBWCTIA to form Hawke’s Bay Tourism Ltd.

The Hawke’s Bay Wine Country Tourism Association became the Hawke’s Bay Tourism Industry Association (HBTIA) which remains the sole shareholder of Hawke’s Bay Tourism Limited.

The Structure of Hawke’s Bay Tourism

Board Structure

How is Hawke’s Bay Tourism funded?

Hawke’s Bay Tourism’s biggest stakeholder is the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council. Additional funding by way of pledges, sponsorship and membership fees make up a further 20-30% of the overall budget.
Hawke’s Bay Tourism seeks to leverage existing funds in order to up-weight activity by creating opportunities for the tourism industry.

Hawke’s Bay Tourism works closely with all local authorities to collaboratively promote the region.