At the outset of our recovery plan we will speak directly to Hawke’s Bay locals.

By mobilising Hawke’s Bay residents to rediscover their home region, we hope to give our visitor economy a cash injection, while also creating vocal advocates out of our local audiences.

The success of this campaign however lies with wide and vocal participation from everyone. Whether that is simply adopting the campaign terminology or something more, such as participating in media famils, we encourage you to take part.


1. Adopt the terminology
Hashtags are a great way to group campaign messaging on social media and encourage discovery. They can also be used to amplify traditional marketing campaigns.

Pithy and intriguing, we want #HawkesBaycation to be everywhere. Linking to our campaign at large, we want to ensure that wherever our audiences are spending their time, they will be encouraged to consider their own Hawke’s Baycation.

The more we use the hashtag, the more the public will see and adopt it themselves. This encourages word to spread – and the power of word-of-mouth cannot be underestimated when it comes to mobilising interest and action.

If you have any queries on this or how to implement within your own social media framework, please reach out to our digital wizard Megan Best.

2. Create a ‘Local’s Only’ offer
We will promote special offers for local residents across our website, social media (Facebook & Instagram) and also within our regular EDMs to consumers.

Local offers could be a value-adds – ie; ‘kids eat free’ – or an entirely new offer that is developed specifically for locals. If you would like to take part you can submit an offer – or ask a question – with our Trade Sales and Marketing Manager Heather Matthews.

3. Work with us on media famils
We will run famils with local Hawke’s Bay media for journalists to re-discover their own backyard. Famils are a fantastic way to secure genuine and engaging media coverage for your brand or business. Journalists will spend a wonderful day in the Bay, before writing about it and sharing with their own audiences.

However, these famils can’t be carried out without your assistance. We would appreciate your support in providing services or experiences on a contra basis.

If you have any questions about this or would like to take part, please reach out to our Media and Public Relations Manager Jessica Wiggins

4. Provide prizes on reader/listener giveaways
Similar to famils, reader giveaways are an excellent way to bring media attention. Our team will work to place reader giveaways with local media which in turn will produce coverage of your business.

While any prizes will need to be provided FOC, your investment will be turned into valuable media coverage.

If you have any questions about this or would like to take part, please reach out to our Media and Public Relations Manager Jessica Wiggins

5. Let us know what you are up to
If we know what you are doing, we will support however we can, so please keep in touch with the team here at Hawke’s Bay Tourism.

If you have any queries or questions, please do reach out to Event and Membership Coordinator Hilary Nyberg