Visitors spend money not only in the expected places like accommodation and attractions, but also many other sectors, such as service stations, laundries, hair dressing salons, and supermarkets and convenience stores.

Tourism spending encompasses a host of other factors which motivate cities & regions to encourage tourism growth.

For example, a visitor buys a cup of coffee at a cafe. The shop owner uses part of that dollar to pay for the coffee itself, which was purchased from a local distributor. The distributor uses this money to pay the driver who delivered the coffee. The driver pays his household utility bills and the utility contracts for improved infrastructure. This utility contract employs maybe 20 construction workers. One morning on the way to work, the 20 workers stop by the very same coffee shop and each has a cup of coffee.

Did you know?

  1. Visitors spend more than $644m a year in Hawke’s Bay;
  2. Employment – in Central Hawke’s Bay tourism supports more than one in ten (10.4%) jobs.  In Napier, almost one in ten (9.4%) residents’ jobs are supported by tourism, while it is 8% in the Hastings District and 9.5% in the Wairoa District. (Tourism Industry Association research).
  3. The regional tourism website received over 395,000 visits last year.
  4. Tourism employs just under 5,000 people which represents 6% of Hawke’s Bay’s workforce;
  5. Approximately 70% of our visitors are New Zealanders, followed by Australians, Americans, Brits, Germans and Chinese.
  6. Hawke’s Bay Tourism has over 99,000 followers on Facebook;
  7. Hawke’s Bay Tourism has over 5,000 followers on Instagram;
  8. Hawke’s Bays’ residents hosting visiting friends and family make up almost 60% of the visitor nights into the region and this is growing. You are in tourism and you might not have even realised!

Tourism in Hawke’s Bay is growing!

  • Tourism in Hawke’s Bay delivers $644m per annum (year end May 2018) in visitor spend. $170m from international visitors and $475m from kiwis visiting Hawke’s Bay.
  • Tourism has an impact across all of Hawke’s Bay. In the year ending May 2017 – visitors to Napier spent $343m, to Hastings they spent $246m, to Central Hawke’s Bay they spent $37m and to Wairoa they spent $19m.
  • Tourism contributes 6.5% in GDP per annum and employees just under 5,000 people.
  • Cruise ship passenger numbers have seen a substantial increase, starting with fewer than 20,000 in early 2000 to now welcoming between 80-100,000 visitors each summer season.

Hawke’s Bay Tourism’s role…

The role of Hawke’s Bay Tourism is to ‘catch them’ (the visitor) and the role of the Hawke’s Bay tourism industry is to enrich the visitor experience making it so memorable while they are here they will spend more and return. The majority of Hawke’s Bay Tourism’s activity is undertaken outside the region – where our future visitors are.

Hawke’s Bay Tourism has achieved success through a number of activities, such as;

  • Consistent marketing approach since 2011 under the “Get me to Hawke’s Bay” tagline and brand.
  • A regional website now delivering 395,000 users per year
  • Social channels like Facebook have Hawke’s Bay messages reaching up to 4 million +people each year.
  • Using international and national media to tell our story. In the last year sixty journalists have been to Hawke’s Bay, the resulting coverage will reach an estimated 100 million people. To buy that coverage would have cost $10 million plus and with the support of our tourism sector it cost us just  $10,000!
  • 220 travel agents have experienced Hawke’s Bay in the last year, this opens up our region to new markets and business opportunities and ultimately gets Hawke’s Bay on the itineraries of future travellers to New Zealand.
  •  Events give people a reason to visit and provide us with an opportunity to promote the region. Hawke’s Bay Tourism has established several events to drive visitors to our region. Both Summer and Winter F.A.W.C! tell our food and wine story perfectly, just as The Big Easy delivers a strong message about our cycle trails and the Hawke’s Bay lifestyle. Summer and Winter F.A.W.C! will see over 10,000 tickets sold each year and close to 2000 riders enjoyed The Big Easy 2018. Close to 40% of all those attending these events were from out of town. The Air New Zealand Hawke’s Bay International Marathon held in May each year sees close to 5,000 runners (80% are from outside of Hawke’s Bay) as well as a support crew of close to 10,000 people.
  • Helping build the capability of the local tourism industry and represent Hawke’s Bay within national and international forums and events ensuring our regions needs and views are heard at the highest level to ultimately deliver economic outcomes.
  • The Hawke’s Bay Trails network is underpinned by Hawke’s Bay Tourism marketing campaigns and events. The Hawke’s Bay Trails  have become a hugely valued tourism attraction for locals and visitors and are regarded as one of the country’s top cycling destinations.