Tourism industry trade shows are held all over the world, and usually fit one of two formats;

  • Pre Scheduled appointments or set appointment schedules made before the show.
  • Open forums that allow buyers to browse and visit seller stands at random. Tourism New Zealand runs a number of specialised New Zealand trade shows around the world, and also coordinates a New Zealand presence at other events.

In 2017 Tourism New Zealand made an unconditional rule that they would only accept formal applications from quality-assured operators (for example Qualmark licensed operators) for trade events.

Non quality assured operators can register their intent for events and will be invited to apply if the event is under subscribed by quality-assured operators.

Before committing to any overseas trade shows,  you should consider attending EXPLORE or TRENZ


This is a one day trade show held in Auckland – usually in April.  The Explore Central North Island group is made up of 8 regions in the Central North Island which are all located along one of 3 sign posted touring routes in the region – The Thermal Explorer Highway, The Pacific Coast Highway, and the Volcanic Loop.  These Highways give perfect access to these Central North Island regions that offer a fantastic and diverse offering.
This event is targeted at the main travel companies – Inbound Operators, Wholesale travel companies, as well as Hotel Concierges, frontline selling staff and travel industry media.  Between 150-200 buyers during the course of the day ranging from the Product decision makers at Travel Inbound Operators and Wholesale Companies through to i-SITE frontline staff, the selling staff at retail travel agencies and inbound/wholesale companies.


This show offers sellers the opportunity to meet a comprehensive range of tourism buyers from around the world. It is suggested that tourism operators who want to conduct business directly with international buyers should plan to attend TRENZ for two to three years before committing to an overseas tradeshow.

The experience gained at TRENZ will help establish your product in the international marketplace and give you a strong base on which to grow your international visitor levels. T

TRENZ is an annual event usually held in May or June. Operators wanting to register should visit or contact the Trade and Industry Manager

Before committing to a trade show consider the following:

  • What are your objectives

Are you attending the show to maintain contact with clients, attract new business or launch a new product? Find out what sort of audience the show will have, and whether the show has a strong following.

  • If the format meets your objectives

Does the trade show have pre-scheduled appointments? Can you share a stand with another operator?

  • Your budget

Costs of attendance include; trade show deposit, airfares, accommodation, transport, meals, exchange rate, pre and post activity, staff costs, print material specific to the trade show, uniforms, booth display material, furniture and lighting, and any follow up costs.

  • Define your target audience

Check the trade show is reaching the target audience for your product; for example, choose a leisure travel show if you wish to build relationships with wholesalers and retail travel agents.

  • Connect with inbound tour operators

Many international buyers finalise their buying through an inbound tour operator. Before attending an international travel show, you should first have established relationships with inbound operators in New Zealand.

  • Get market ready

 Your product must be market-ready, meet the buyers’ requirements, and be suitable for the international markets.

  • Set your rates

When dealing with inbound operators and wholesalers, rates for your activity, attraction or accommodation should be ideally set for a 12 – 18 month period.

  • Develop your marketing material Ensure that all your promotional material is current and that you have sufficient quantities for both the trade show and follow up. Material should include brochures, fact sheets and images.
  • Liaise with Hawke’s Bay Tourism and Tourism New Zealand as they may be involved with the tradeshows and can assist with a collective approach.

If you have any questions about Trade events please contact Heather Matthews –  Hawkes Bay Tourism Trade Marketing & Sales Manager 022 306 2237 or