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A Code of Conduct has been created between Hawke’s Bay Tourism, Hawke’s Bay Regional Council and the Ātea a Rangi Trust to guide commercial tourism operators seeking to visit Ātea a Rangi with paying guests.

The purpose is to work towards a greater understanding of the site’s importance/mana, and the expectations from mana whenua, who are the acknowledged guardians of the site, and holders of the cultural copyright.

Commercial tourism operators are asked to seek consent from the Ātea a Rangi Trust if taking paying visitors to the site or including it in the tour. Permission/consent must also be sought if taking images for commercial use.

It is desirable to honour and preserve the gift of Ātea a Rangi to Hawke’s Bay and ensure the site and its kōrero (narrative) is respected by our community in order to retain its integrity and mana. The Ātea Trust educators are the only authorised people to share this narrative, so we ask that you please do not try to interpret your own version. We suggest you let your tourists read the signs and just walk around and take pictures. Or make contact with the Ātea Trust to deliver the kōrero.