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Hawke's Bay Tourism is a membership organisation via the Hawke's Bay Tourism Industry Association, whereby the industry is a partner in the promotion of tourism.

Members pay a yearly membership fee to Hawke's Bay tourism which entitles them to a wide range of membership benefits.

Membership and Benefits

Most of our activity is funded by the Hawke's Bay Regional Council, however a condition of that funding is that we achieve financial support from industry. We do this, in part, through membership. Participation from operators in our membership programme helps to ensure our success into the future. So our structure is truly one of partnership with industry.

Being a member of Hawke's Bay Tourism Industry Association (HBTIA) get you connected with fellow tourism operators, entitles businesses to a range of benefits to assist with growth, and helps to continually grow the overall promotional budget of the region. It is vital that as a sector we all work together to secure Hawke's Bays share of the tourism pie.


Entry Level of membership entitles operators to a listing on - our official visitor site that sees over 700,000 sessions annually. Depending on the level of membership, members also receive a range of marketing benefits and development opportunities including:

  • Campaign partnership opportunities
  • Use of Hawke's Bay regional brand elements
  • Access to the image library
  • Attending industry updates and networking events at no cost or subsidised rates
  • Domestic and international tourism industry insights
  • Education and workshop opportunities
  • Access to analytics and reporting
  • Voting rights to HBTIA


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